Элинка (elinka) wrote,

I never thought I’d have to write a male character to whom I was not attracted in any way. Tall, skinny, red hair, light eyes was and is an anti-type. So how come, he keeps bugging me and can’t be written any other way? Before the idea formed in my head, I saw him looking like Mike, a guy I liked in college, which would be easy to remember and if needed to imagine, the voice, the glance, etc. But no, Mike’s face, well remembered, has never popped into my mind while writing, neither has his voice.

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    Вы в ответе за тех, кого приручили. Так что вариантов нет, придется вернуться.

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    Высоцкому by Malik East Умирая, шепчу твое имя. Мне отсталось, всего пять секунд. Ухожу из чужого мне мира. Запирая все двери на…

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