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Вспомнилось обсуждение в классе об исторических причинах обета безбрачия у католических священников и пошла гулять по гуглу. Не соврали, оказывается, мои собеседницы. Все так и есть. Деньги важнее всего и тем более секса.

"Another factor in the push for clerical celibacy was the problematic relationship the Catholic Church had with real estate and inherited land. Priests and bishops were not just religious leaders, they also had political power based on the land they controlled. When they died, the land might go to church or the man's heirs — and naturally the church wanted to keep the land in order to retain political power.

The best way to keep the land was to ensure that no rivals could claim it; keeping the clergy celibate and unmarried was the easiest way to accomplish this. Making celibacy a religious obligation was also the best way to ensure that the clergy obeyed. Catholic apologists deny that such worldly concerns were part of the decision to impose celibacy on priests, but it can't be a coincidence that the final push towards celibacy occurred when conflict over land were increasing. "

"Ultimately, it seems that concern over married priests didn’t have much to do with sex at all, but real estate! As people gave their possessions and land to the Church in hopeful exchange for time off from purgatory, many of the clergy were able to receive such items as their own personal property. After all, weren’t they the church? The laity could easily have thought so. As their own personal possessions then, members of the clergy could pass on land and wealth to their progeny. After several generations, some bishops could conceivably have become feudal lords over mini-empires!

As the undershepherds grew in power, the Pope saw that a celibacy rule would retain Vatican control of such lands – instead of local bishops. Around the year 1018, Pope Benedict VIII put teeth in the Elvira decree by forbidding descendents of priests from inheriting property. Later, in the 12th century, Pope Gregory VII, who had assumed vast power by declaring himself the supreme authority over all souls, went even further by forbidding married priests from saying mass and parishioners from attending masses presided over by them. Thus, the first law forbidding clergy to marry was enacted by the Second Lateran Council in 1139."
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