Элинка (elinka) wrote,

Chol Hamoed outing - Grounds for Sculpture

Spring blossoms

Mili found a distant relative

Sisters and birch trees

Poppy field

Neta and Zachary

Neta was very friendly

So was Dina

Avital is ready for a Pesach meal

The girl was too cold

I'm sailing away...

Let me help you with the mess...

Scream α

Scream β

Scream γ

Scream δ

Scream αβγδ

Scream αβγδ + Shectmans

Avital found herself a black hat

But Neta decided to keep him for herself

Dina didn't take any chances

All were invited to a party



Girls only

αβγδ and Sasha
Tags: avital, dina, mili, neta, photos

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