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The Jerusalem Post

'Protests offer chance to build new pact with Arab world'
02/11/2011 07:08

In interview with 'Post', Natan Sharansky says pact can be built if free world helps Arab masses who are bidding to be rid of their autocratic leaders.
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Natan Sharansky, whose walk to freedom across Berlin’s Glienicke Bridge precisely 25 years ago presaged the collapse of the Soviet Union, has urged the free world to give its backing to the Arab masses who are out on the streets bidding to be rid of their autocratic leaders.

“If the free world helps the people on the streets, and turns into the allies of these people instead of being the allies of the dictators, then there is a unique chance to build a new pact between the free world and the Arab world,” Sharansky said in an extensive interview that appears in Friday's Jerusalem Post. “And we, Israel, will be among the beneficiaries, simply because these people will then be dealing with their real problems.”

The idea that the 'masses' everywhere are thirsting for 'democracy and freedom' like in the western world is a terribly dangerous delusion.
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    Вот еще почти юмористический выпуск Беларусского тв. Обратите внимание на лицо дикторши, ни один мускул не дрогнул.

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    Решила для разнообразия жизни полистать френдленту вместо того, чтобы ужин приготовить и заметила, что комментарии на почту не приходят,…

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    Оригинально. Ну если бы неуправляемая молодежь или пьяные мужики распевали этот шедевр, еще можно было бы пройти мимо, но вот взрослой трезвой тёте…

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