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Avital update

Only yesterday my mom's cousin asked to find out what happened to the Choral Synagogue in Kharkov, and this morning I got a text that the group is at the synagogue, even before I could forward the question.

The Kharkov Choral Synagogue was completed in 1913. The style of the building combined Romano Gothic and Mavritanic styles, which the Architectural Society of Kharkov viewed as 'reminiscent of the huge walls of ancient Palestine'.

During the Communist years, the synagogue was closed and converted into a public club and then into a sports complex. Only in 1990, with the arrival of the city's Chief Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz, was the Synagogue returned to the local Jewish community.

Mincha at the Kharkov Choral Synagogue

Drobitsky Yar is a ravine south east of Kharkov, Ukraine. In December 1941, Nazi troops invading the Soviet Union began killing local inhabitants over the following year. At the end of this period, some 30,000 people, mainly Jews, were killed. Notably on December 15, 1941, when the temperature was −15 degrees Celsius, over 15,000 Jews were shot. Nazis also executed Russians, Ukrainians and Armenians at this site.

Только вчера мамина кузина попросила передать Тале, чтоб она узнала что сейчас находится в Хоральной синагоге в Харькове. Как ни странно, синагога, сообщила Таля из самого здания, не успев даже получить вопрос.

Отмолились в Харьковской хоральной синагоге и поехали на поминальную службу у мемориала в Дробицком Яру, где 15 декабря 1941 года 15,000 евреев были убиты, а всего за год около 30,000 евреев. Там же убивали русских, украинцев и армян.
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