Элинка (elinka) wrote,

Kharkov update.

Our firstborn along with the rest of the group after a 24 hour shlep have finally made it to the city of Kharkov (my mother's birth city). Thankfully, (as you all know, we Russians do everything together as a family see the video at Stern), we made our way to the airport, had a pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Avital before her flight, and gave her an unlocked cell phone. So, now I get updates via text messages from the very heart of the jewmanitarian humanitarian mission. Apparently, they were having dinner at a "great Greek place in the center of the city" very late at night. Another new fact that came to light is that Dmitry is still one of the most popular names in Ukraine, who knew?

updates to follow

Наша лягушка-путешественница забросала меня СМСками из ридной Украины. После почти 24-х часового путешествия, группа все-таки добралась до город-героя Харькова и их даже покормили в греческом ресторане в центре города. И как выяснилось, Дмитрий все еще одно из самых популярных имен на Украине.
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