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Сегодня хочу вспоминать как это было до.

1993 by TheMachineStops      World Trade Center - 04/15/01 by conformco      World Trade Center - 04/15/01 by conformco      WTC plaza by mistabrite      flickr-jan22-wtc-plaza-globe by Denniswtc911      wtc_plaza_ball by Denniswtc911      WTC_plaza-Edit-crop.jpg by cinedependent

The "Sphere"  Sculpture  WTC New York by Joachim Gruen      WTC from plaza (panorama from 4 images) by sshanky      wtc plaza b by Dog Daddy      WTC plaza, circa 1978. by eastvillagedenizen      WTC Plaza by mofmann      WTC plaza by Harrisc      Man on Wire by Matthew Carbone

New York City, World Trade Center. by Stuart Axe      World Trade Center at night. New York by wavz13      hy0837.JPG by AndreJenny.com      World Trade Centre - New York - Night View by ~It's_me!      Look up...Cow Parade, World Trade Center, New York City, Aug 2000 by Kamal Anwar      Windows - My Latest Obsession by Francisco A. Rosario      Manhattan view from a WTC window by Gojame

Reflection of World Trade Center by sshanky      7 WTC by t_a_i_s      In Their Glory by kerrins_giraffe      World Trade Center 1989 by Echo_29      World Trade Center observation deck by Lars Plougmann      Top of the World by Jersey JJ      World Trade Center 1987 by ArtBrom

In remembrance by Civixen      A View From the Top by Kenny Maths      img150.jpg by rtsmits      WTC Observation Deck by BILLBINNS      World Trade Center 2001.  by ALFRED BENWAY      World Trade Centre, New York by longreach747400      nyc0002 World Trade Center Towers, New York 2000 by CanadaGood      NEW WORLD TRADE CENTER - NYC 14 by Jan van Raay      World-Trade-Center-USA-1993 by testspiel      Historic Trinity Church on Lower Broadway at the Foot of Wall Street. Behind Loom the Towers of One of Manhattan's Newest Giants, the World Trade Center 05/1973 by The U.S. National Archives      Looking South on West Broadway Toward the Towers of the World Trade Center 05/1973 by The U.S. National Archives      World Trade Centre, New York City Blue by Lavelle's      World Trade Center by Whynottaller      World Trade Centre by Something For Kate

World_Trade_Center_1993 by peter_dahlmann      World Trade Center, New York City 1996. by Stuart Axe      World Trade Center - New York City, New York / ニューヨークシティ (ニューヨーク) by Jose P Isern Comas      World Trade Center by BenjaminThompson      World Trade Centre - New York by ~It's_me!      World Trade Centre - New York by ~It's_me!      World Trade Center, circa 1988 by Michael Casey

World Trade Centre by whitbywoof      World Trade Center by DoBSoN 77      World Trade Center 1984 by firoze shakir photographerno1      New York City, World Trade Center 1996 by Stuart Axe      World Trade Centre, New York City by Lavelle's      World Trade Center, 1986 by NYC Comets    
Tags: 9/11, nyc, remembered, wtc

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