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another great article from Daniel Greenfield

Building a 100 million dollar facility for Muslims that most of them can only use on their lunch break or briefly after work, before they go home to Brooklyn or New Jersey, is not about serving the community. It's about making a statement. There would be no way to raise that kind of money otherwise. Rauf is not building a facility that local Muslims need. His flock comes from different boroughs and states entirely. They hang around Lower Manhattan as part of the Hallal Mafia, peddling unhygienic burned food from carts, or in storefronts selling cheap knockoffs of brand name merchandise, pirated DVD's and used clothes below Broadway. Some of them work as financial analysts helping Wall Street get the whole Sharia Finance thing right.

There might be a call for a 100 million dollar facility aimed at Muslims in Jersey City or off Atlantic Avenue, but no need or use for it near Ground Zero. There is no reason to build a Mosque there, except to make a statement. Rauf admitted as much early on, billing the mosque as part of a campaign of tolerance or healing. knowing that most liberals would not look past such euphemisms and enthusiastically embrace the project to showcase their vaunted tolerance, and rejection of "right wing extremists". That Rauf himself is quite the extremist has not interested them at all. The same Time Magazine which wrings its hands over the "politicization" of Ground Zero has whitewashed Rauf and his own plans to politicize the site. Just as the rest of the media has ignored the inconsistencies in Rauf's changing story, questions about where the money is coming from, and the most elementary question-- who actually needs the Ground Zero Mosque.


The facts are in We know Imam Rauf's support for Islamic law, which treats Christians, Jews and Women as inferior. We know that the Ground Zero Mosque has no legitimate purpose. That it does not exist to serve a local community. We know that the money is coming from the same countries that financed Al Queda. We know. And we know who's really politicizing Ground Zero. It's the Left and Islam who refuse to let the dead rest, without shoving in their revisionist history into the mix. Without trying to hijack the site to suit their own agenda. Enough is enough. We know the truth. And we will not be silenced.

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