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Ro And Julie: A Tweet Modern Romance, by Bill Waters

Ro And Julie: A Tweet Modern Romance
by Bill Waters

Note: The author was challenged at last year’s summer fiction party to create a story written entirely in the style of the 140-character Tweets found on the popular social networking site, twitter.com. Accordingly, "Ro & Julie: A Tweet Modern Romance" is a playlet based on “Romeo and Juliet” composed entirely of mock Twitter postings.

Setting: Verona High School, Veneto, California

The Characters in This Family Feud:

Ro17: Roland Montague

JulieXO: Julie Capulet

merQTo: Mercutio Montague, Ro's twin brother

TybALT: Tybalt Capulet, Julie's nasty cousin

TheMan: High School Principal Escarole

Mr.M: Mr. Montague, English teacher

NurseC: Ms. Capulet, school nurse

The Montague and Capulet families are forever making scenes . . .


TheMan Hurling insults at each other AGAIN, Capulets & Montagues? A plague on all your lockers! Detention, today. BE THERE!

Ro17 All Monties have #detention!

merQTo @Ro17 But I'll miss #dramaclub! Come on, @TheMan! We're doing Shakespeare! :- (

JulieXO OMG! All Caps have #detention? Tisn't fair! I wasn't there! (Does anyone care?)

TybALT @JulieXO Blast!!! There goes #fencingteam practice!!! @merQTo, you're to blame for this!

merQTo @tybALT Oh so glib, dear Tyb, but you *know* that's a fib! ;- )

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