Элинка (elinka) wrote,

Top Ten Signs you are at the Clinton/ Mezvinsky Wedding

Just to clarify things, here are the Top Ten Signs you are at the
Clinton/ Mezvinsky Wedding!

10. The glass broken at the end of ceremony has a Presidential seal
9. Defcon1 alert called in when the couple gets lifted up on chairs
8. It's separate seating: Republicans and Democrats
7. Secret Service codename for the Mezvinskys: "The Mach-a-tanim" (jewish for in-laws)
6. Pretty sure you just saw Jimmy Carter dancing the Horah
5. Blessing over the Challah is made by the Secretary of Agriculture
4. Hope to G-d that Bill isn't wearing the same yarmulke he wore at the Rabin funeral
3. Nothing cooler than CIA agents using the words: Shmorg, Chuppah, Yichud room
2. Dancing with the Stars: Bill & Hilary dance the Mezinka!
1. When wishing Mazal tov, someone confuses Mezvinsky with Lewinsky!

Tags: clinton, funny, humor

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