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Shoprite Invests in its Catskills Operations as Sales Soar
Friday August 14, 2009 12:04 PM

With three stores in the Catskills - Monticello, Liberty and Ellenville - Shoprite has significantly upgraded its services to the kosher consumer. Sources say that its sales of kosher foods this summer have soared, particularly in Monticello, where it faces competition from Wal-Mart just across the road.

Shoprite hired Zelig Krymko as its new liaison to the kosher community. He is already committed to sponsor a Cholov Yisroel Kiddush in local shuls and has even instituted a special check-out counter where the monitors are tuned off and the magazines covered over with black plastic bags.

Kosher distributors say that sales of kosher foods in general have soared this season.


We go to walmart.
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