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Очень жаль, что Буш все же выиграл у Керри, а то мы бы еще тогда узнали что такое настоящий цирк. Травой такое оправдать нельзя, тут явно что-то покрепче.

BEIRUT (AFP) – Senator John Kerry said on Wednesday that the new US administration will press Syria to help disarm Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as it forges ahead with a fresh diplomatic approach in the region.

“We want Syria to respect the political independence of Lebanon, we want Syria to help in the process of resolving issues with Hezbollah and with the Palestinians,” said Kerry, after meeting President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.

“We want Syria to help... with the disarmament of Hezbollah,” added the former US Democratic presidential candidate, who is also due to visit Damascus on his regional tour.
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    премию маркетологам за такое "Понравился материал? Вы можете оценить его, заплатив любую сумму"…

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    All of a sudden so much spam. I am sick and tired of banning and cleaning.

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