Элинка (elinka) wrote,

Мужчины тоже плачут - для девочек

С выставки фотографий плачущих мужчин кино.

"The photographer asked the actors to produce real tears for a series of images which she hopes capture the vulnerable sides of the movie stars. She is particularly proud of pictures of the Cold Mountain hunk weeping in a fetal position and a portrait of Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen betraying his hard-man image by crying hysterically."

Tim Roth, Ed Harris and Daniel Craig did it for me. How about you?

Benicio del Toro

Willem Dafoe

Robert Downey Jr.

Daniel Craig

Dustin Hoffman

Ed Harris

Forest Whitaker

Gabriel Byrne

Hayden Christiansen

John Leguizamo

Jude Law

Kris Kristofferson

Laurence Fishburne

Michael Madsen

Paul Newman

Michael Pitt

Robin Williams

Tim Roth

Ryan Gosling

Sam Shepard

Sean Penn

Steve Buscemi

Ben Stiller

Woody Harrelson

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