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About my grandmother

This collection will be updated as soon as I can add more photos. For some reason, the photos of Lika that I found were mostly taken in the US.

Lika and Izrail, 1936, both 18 years old

Base 4+1, 1963

Me and baba Lika, I am about 6

Base 10 in 1979, right before we left for the US.

With Lena, 1983

Base 10 in 1986, Rosh Hashana in NYC

Middletown, NJ

With Myron and Izrail in Middletown

My wedding, 1991, Base 10+1

Dancing at my wedding.

With first great-granddaughter, Avital, 1992

With Lena and Avital

With Avital 1992

At Avital's 1-st birthday party with sister Raisa, 1992

At Avital's 1-st birthday party

With Polya and Avital, September 1994

At Vadik's 40-th birthday party, March 1996

Pesach 1996

At Dima's 30-th birthday party with Raisa, June 1996

With baby Neta, Dina and Avital's nose, October 1996

Chanukkah 1996

Pesach 1997

Myron and Caryn's house, January 1997

Zackie's Brit Mila, Feb. 2000

With Myron and Dima, Lincoln Center, May 2000

April 2005

Catskills, July 2006
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