Элинка (elinka) wrote,

Freilichen Purim!!

Purim Sameah!
new styles from the peasants new styles from the peasants
Dinka doesn't have to pretend to be a peasant woman. She is a natural.
Who am I? Who am I?
Thank G-d, at the last minute I found out who I am! I am Juliette! Where are thou, Romeo?
Avital Avital
You got it, it's Avital.
We are sisters. We are sisters.
Mili, Queen Esther (not Elizabeth) and Neta, a movie star from the 1920's (not 1930's).
What should be my next role? What should be my next role?
Remembering our roots Remembering our roots
I don't know who these people are.
Our Rabbi M. Our Rabbi M.
Wouldn't you duel for a Rabbi like that?
Friends Friends
Mili with Noa and Naomi.
Tags: 2007, purim

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