Элинка (elinka) wrote,

The Wedding Plans

This might go on the Wall at the conference.

Wedding Plans

-Michael, we need to talk.
-Iʼm with a client now, honey.
-Youʼre always with a client.
-Canʼt it wait till tonight? We can talk over dinner.
-No, it just canʼt.
-Fine, give me a minute.

A pause.

-Has something happened, darling?
-Not yet. Weʼre eloping.
-Eloping? What do you mean? What about our wedding?
-Wedding? Oh, you still remember about the wedding?
-Of course, I remember. How can I forget? Weʼve been preparing for it for year!
-We? Who is it we? When did you do anything for the wedding? You couldnʼt even make it to the
caterers to decide on the menu. You werenʼt there even for our wedding gift registry.
-I was out of town, you know that! Besides, I asked my brother to help you out.
-Yes, you did. You also asked him to pick the band.
-He knows about that stuff, I donʼt. Wasnʼt he helpful?
-Very much. He helped me chose the song for our dance as well.
-You see? What do I know about things like that?
-Obviously, nothing. He also helped me find a photographer and a video maker.
-Iʼll make sure to get Dave a great thank you gift.
-Yes, you do that.
-By the way, I didnʼt forget to pick up our rings.
-How great. Donʼt lose them.
-So, what did you want to talk about? My time is almost up.
-Yes, Michael, it is. I told you, we are eloping. Dave and I.
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