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4 appointments this Friday? If I live thru them, I'll make it to my next birthday.

1. Alexandra Machinist: Linda Chester and Associates

Fiction: Literary fiction: a wonderful book can be anything from a bildungsroman beautifully told to a quirky exploration of subculture, a family saga that defies convention, or a classic love story with an original and compelling bent.
Likes mysteries and thrillers that terrify with a dashing plot and gritty scenes.
Lastly, has a deep interest in well-researched historical fiction.

2. Tricia Davey: Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc.
Tricia started her career as a literary agent in Los Angeles selling film and television rights. Some of her more notable sales were THE NANNY DIARIES, THE BOMBSHELL MANUAL OF STYLE, MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL, ONE TRUE THING, and THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN. In 2002 she moved to London, where she worked at ICM until returning to New York in 2006, when she joined Sanford J. Greenburger Associates. She is looking for literary and commercial fiction, as well as narrative non-fiction, memoir, self-help, cookbooks, and lifestyle books. A graduate of UCLA, she has a BA in English Literature.

Areas of interest: She is looking for literary and commercial fiction as well as narrative non-fiction, memoir, self-help, cookbooks, and lifestyle books. She started her career as a literary agent in Los Angeles selling film and television rights.

3. Regina Brooks: Serendipity Literary Agency
Handles 50% nonfiction and 50% fiction.

Nonfiction. Includes business/economics, current affairs, education, ethnic/cultural interests, history, juvenile nonfiction, memoirs, money/finance, multicultural, New Age/metaphysics, popular culture, psychology, religious/inspirational, science/technology, self help/personal improvement, sports, women's issues/studies, health/medical, narrative, popular science biography, politics, crafts/design, food/cooking, contemporary culture.

Fiction. Includes Action/adventure, confessions, ethnic, historical, juvenile, literary, multicultural, picture books, thriller, chick lit, lady lit, suspense, mystery, romance.

4.Stephen Roxburg, Publisher: Boyds Mill Press

Boyds Mill Press publishes a wide range of childrens' books of literary merit, from pre-school to young adult.
Picture books with fresh approaches, not worn themes, are a strong need right now.

Nonfiction books. Juvenile subjects include agriculture/horticulture, animals, ethnic, history, hobbies, nature/environment, regional, religion, sports, travel. Accompanying art is preferred.
Boyds Mill Press is not interested in manuscripts which depict violence, explicit sexuality, racism of any kind or promotion of hatred. Not interested in self-help or romances.

Fiction books. Adventure, ethnic, historical, humor, juvenile, mystery, picture books, suspense, western, young adult.

Poetry books. Poetry should be appropriate for young audiences, clever, fun language, with easily understood meaning. Collections should have a unifying theme.
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