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Israel Broytman

Israel Broytman- a Canadian artist, arrived from Russia in 1980, where he was working on images documenting the complicated, traditional, Russian life.

Since that time the works of Broytman have become more universal and metaphysical. These are powerful paintings of longing and sometimes regret, works that speak of a lost world that time has taken away and which can only be recreated not revisited.

Works can be found in the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, Toronto Holocaust Museum; and in private and Corporate collections in Russia, Canada, USA, Italy, Israel, France, Hong Kong and Japan.

Blue Vase on Amber Ground

Israel Broytman
Original Oil on Canvas
Tags: art, broytman

  • белая береза

    Во как в Колорадо... Aspen Forest, Colorado А у нас вроде и конец лета, но желтизна еще не появилась, все зелено. Кроме настроения.

  • I love New York!

    Thank you to the G-d sent NYPD traffic cop for giving my car battery a boost a block away from the WTC!

  • (no subject)

    Отцу моих детей повезло, его тоже пригласили в один приличный дом на фото сьемку, как и детей. Вот первая.

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