January 13th, 2011


Avital update

She answered on the 13-th ring. As I suspected, the flow of text messages has stopped, because Avital has used up the grivnas on her simcard. So, you get regards from the famous town of Poltava. Two things I am absolutely certain about are that the group a) gets to daven and b) is well fed.

Tuesday will not come soon enough.

photo of the day

Golani Swearing-In Ceremony, Jan 2011

January 12, 2011.

After two months of grueling basic training, the fresh cadets of the Golani Brigade are the first cycle of recruits in more than 20 years to have their swearing-in ceremony before the Western Wall of the Great Temple in Jerusalem. Both the ceremony itself, and the location next to one of the most ancient and venerated sites in Israel, are very significant for these young men.

Featured as "Photo of the Day" on January 13, 2011.

Photo by Cpl. Ori Shifrin, IDF Spokesperson's Film Unit.


Оригинально. Ну если бы неуправляемая молодежь или пьяные мужики распевали этот шедевр, еще можно было бы пройти мимо, но вот взрослой трезвой тёте все дружно апплодируют, понравилась значит, одобрили. И ни у ведущей, ни у продюссера не возникло мысли отправить исполнительницу на место.