November 19th, 2010


'Tell It Your Way' international film competition

Диночка показала сегодня 7 коротких фильмов, финалистов в конкурсе от компании Филлипс. Был задан диалог из 6-ти строк, а дальше "Есть много способов рассказать, но увидеть - только один".

Сайт по-русски с субтитрами.

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Urgent plea for help

Dear Fellow Jew,

Even though the current economic situation is very tough for all of us, we turn to you for help for a Chosson who just recently got engaged. His whole life nebach has been one of great tragedy, his parents were divorced when he was still a young child and when he was just eighteen years old his mother was a passenger in a car that was involved in major accident and unfortunately died as a result of the injuries she sustained.Collapse )