August 16th, 2010

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Ro And Julie: A Tweet Modern Romance, by Bill Waters

Ro And Julie: A Tweet Modern Romance
by Bill Waters

Note: The author was challenged at last year’s summer fiction party to create a story written entirely in the style of the 140-character Tweets found on the popular social networking site, Accordingly, "Ro & Julie: A Tweet Modern Romance" is a playlet based on “Romeo and Juliet” composed entirely of mock Twitter postings.

Setting: Verona High School, Veneto, California

The Characters in This Family Feud:

Ro17: Roland Montague

JulieXO: Julie Capulet

merQTo: Mercutio Montague, Ro's twin brother

TybALT: Tybalt Capulet, Julie's nasty cousin

TheMan: High School Principal Escarole

Mr.M: Mr. Montague, English teacher

NurseC: Ms. Capulet, school nurse

The Montague and Capulet families are forever making scenes . . .


TheMan Hurling insults at each other AGAIN, Capulets & Montagues? A plague on all your lockers! Detention, today. BE THERE!

Ro17 All Monties have #detention!

merQTo @Ro17 But I'll miss #dramaclub! Come on, @TheMan! We're doing Shakespeare! :- (

JulieXO OMG! All Caps have #detention? Tisn't fair! I wasn't there! (Does anyone care?)

TybALT @JulieXO Blast!!! There goes #fencingteam practice!!! @merQTo, you're to blame for this!

merQTo @tybALT Oh so glib, dear Tyb, but you *know* that's a fib! ;- )


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Mischief in Manhattan

We Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation

By Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, Citizen Special August 9, 2010

Last week, a journalist who writes for the North Country Times, a small newspaper in Southern California, sent us an e-mail titled "Help." He couldn't understand why an Islamic Centre in an area where Adam Gadahn, Osama bin Laden's American spokesman came from, and that was home to three of the 911 terrorists, was looking to expand.

The man has a very valid point, which leads to the ongoing debate about building a Mosque at Ground Zero in New York. When we try to understand the reasoning behind building a mosque at the epicentre of the worst-ever attack on the U.S., we wonder why its proponents don't build a monument to those who died in the attack?

New York currently boasts at least 30 mosques so it's not as if there is pressing need to find space for worshippers. The fact we Muslims know the idea behind the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation to thumb our noses at the infidel. The proposal has been made in bad faith and in Islamic parlance, such an act is referred to as "Fitna," meaning "mischief-making" that is clearly forbidden in the Koran.

The Koran commands Muslims to, "Be considerate when you debate with the People of the Book" -- i.e., Jews and Christians. Building an exclusive place of worship for Muslims at the place where Muslims killed thousands of New Yorkers is not being considerate or sensitive, it is undoubtedly an act of "fitna"

So what gives Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the "Cordoba Initiative" and his cohorts the misplaced idea that they will increase tolerance for Muslims by brazenly displaying their own intolerance in this case?

Do they not understand that building a mosque at Ground Zero is equivalent to permitting a Serbian Orthodox church near the killing fields of Srebrenica where 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered?

There are many questions that we would like to ask. Questions about where the funding is coming from? If this mosque is being funded by Saudi sources, then it is an even bigger slap in the face of Americans, as nine of the jihadis in the Twin Tower calamity were Saudis.

If Rauf is serious about building bridges, then he could have dedicated space in this so-called community centre to a church and synagogue, but he did not. We passed on this message to him through a mutual Saudi friend, but received no answer. He could have proposed a memorial to the 9/11 dead with a denouncement of the doctrine of armed jihad, but he chose not to.

It's a repugnant thought that $100 million would be brought into the United States rather than be directed at dying and needy Muslims in Darfur or Pakistan.

Let's not forget that a mosque is an exclusive place of worship for Muslims and not an inviting community centre. Most Americans are wary of mosques due to the hard core rhetoric that is used in pulpits. And rightly so. As Muslims we are dismayed that our co-religionists have such little consideration for their fellow citizens and wish to rub salt in their wounds and pretend they are applying a balm to sooth the pain.

The Koran implores Muslims to speak the truth, even if it hurts the one who utters the truth. Today we speak the truth, knowing very well Muslims have forgotten this crucial injunction from Allah.

If this mosque does get built, it will forever be a lightning rod for those who have little room for Muslims or Islam in the U.S. We simply cannot understand why on Earth the traditional leadership of America's Muslims would not realize their folly and back out in an act of goodwill.

As for those teary-eyed, bleeding-heart liberals such as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and much of the media, who are blind to the Islamist agenda in North America, we understand their goodwill.

Unfortunately for us, their stand is based on ignorance and guilt, and they will never in their lives have to face the tyranny of Islamism that targets, kills and maims Muslims worldwide, and is using liberalism itself to destroy liberal secular democratic societies from within.

Raheel Raza is author of Their Jihad ... Not my Jihad, and Tarek Fatah is author of The Jew is Not My Enemy (McClelland & Stewart), to be launched in October. Both sit on the board of the Muslim Canadian Congress.


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Мы все болеем кроме Мили. Умудрились подхватить заразу в такую жару.

Вчера ночью как-то случайно забрела на страницу NO TO THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO в ФБ и забыла оттуда выйти. Наверное, это самая популярная страница на сегодняшний день, т.к. новые сообщения поступают каждые несколько секунд.

А дети, тем временем, готовят ужин.

Происходящее сегодня уже перестает удивлять. Все воспринимается как должное.

Ну сидит себе Гилад в заточении 5-ый год, кому до него есть дело кроме горстки родственников и активистов? Зато кивок Хамаса обсуждается во всех новостных ресурсах, а то как же без них разберутся.

Пойду приму еще лекарства и забудусь сном.

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Building Permit
How to create a successful business plan

I recently applied for a building permit for a new house.

It was going to be 100 ft tall and 400 ft wide with 9 turrets at various heights, windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment sound system.

It would have parking for 200 cars, and I was going to paint it snot green with pink trim.

The City Council turned down my permit.

So I sent in the application again, but this time I called it a Mosque.

Work starts on Monday...

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