November 29th, 2009


только из чувства стыда за невыполненное задание

Untitled - Unedited

Morning so soon! Eyes shut, I pushed the snooze button on my alarm clock and pulled the blanket to tighter cover my still tired body against the chilled air. Ready to plunge back into the blessed unconsciousness of sleep, I felt something off in my daily waking routine, I knew right then I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. A new sensation, a beginning of a feeling found itself in the back of my mind preventing it from shutting off for an additional nine minutes of rest. Kicking off the covers, I probed the feeling this way and that, but unable to get rid of it, headed for the shower, my favorite place to think. Some people sing in the shower, others hum, and I talk as in the word association game. I usually start with the word water or soap or shampoo and withing several minutes produce hundreds of words until one strikes me as the end, then I try to traverse the chain back to the origin. This time my game stopped at the word ring, after which I came up dry and remembered. I remembered I had a dream which came unwoven in my inner eye like an epic motion picture spanning decades and continents. Unprepared for this newly found treasure, I barely dried myself and raced to the laptop in the dining room. Up there in the still accessible labyrinth of my brain a book laid in the open, with the beginning, middle and the end. All I had to do was to write it all down before the dream evaporated and I forgot.
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