August 13th, 2009


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Restaurant owner charged with point gun at three employees

MONTICELLO – The owner of a summer restaurant on Broadway in Monticello has been charged with three counts of menacing in the second degree, misdemeanors, for allegedly pointing his licensed .38 cal. handgun at three of his employees.

David Walter, 43, of Brooklyn, operates the seasonal eatery called Shwarma King.

At 1:20 a.m. Wednesday, police received a 911 call from the facility. Three male employees claimed Walter was hitting on two female workers and the men stepped in to intercede when Walter allegedly pulled the gun and aimed it at him.

Monticello Police seized the gun and his permit. He will appear before Judge Frank LaBuda for a hearing to determine if his permit will be reinstated.

В этом заведении не хотелось находиться, не то что питаться. Противно, грязно и дорого.

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Уезжаю на party в Принстон в гордом одиночестве, Пэт меня бросила, т.к. ее рассказ не попал. Придется общаться с фэнами самой. А вдруг опять, как в позапрошлом году, подойдет почитатель и начнет сравнивать с Досто... Обещаю много не пить.