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Six Apart says goodbye to LiveJournal
But what will happen to LiveJournal's mascot, the goat?


But what will happen to LiveJournal's mascot, the goat?

Six Apart is selling its LiveJournal blogging platform to Russian media company SUP.

The two companies declined to disclose the financial terms.

Moscow's SUP, which stands for "single user portal," will start a San Francisco company called LiveJournal to manage the popular blog service. LiveJournal draws about 18.7 million people a month, according to Omniture, including 5.2 million in Russia.

San Francisco's Six Apart, which runs blogging tools Moveable Type, Typepad and Vox, said it decided to focus on the three services that it created and to turn over LiveJournal to SUP, which could invest more money into the entity and expand it globally.
"It's about our desire at Six Apart to really do right by the LiveJournal product and to have it have as strong of a future as possible," said Six Apart CEO Chris Alden. "SUP will be able invest (in LiveJournal) in 2008 more than Six Apart would have. Likewise, we'll be able to invest more in our three properties than we would have (otherwise)."

The two already were partners, with SUP running LiveJournal in Russia, where it's the most popular blogging service, said SUP CEO Andrew Paulson.

Paulson said SUP plans to spend between $10 million and $100 million on the new LiveJournal in San Francisco.

LiveJournal was founded by Brad Fitzpatrick, who sold it to Six Apart in 2005 for an undisclosed price. He's since left Six Apart for Google, but will become an advisory board member for the new LiveJournal.

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