Элинка (elinka) wrote,

Gifts for the upcoming holiday season

You may hate her. You may love her. But friends, you've never seen her like this.


Stupid.com has sold oodles of political items over the years, but the Hillary Nutcracker has to be the all-time winner! Yes, the former First Lady, current U.S. Senator, and possible First Female President has been turned into an actual nutcracker!

Look at her! Standing with arms akimbo, legs confidently spread, ready to crack some nuts with her stainless steel thighs. We're not certain if this is an Anti-Hillary item or a Pro-Hillary Item. But either way we think it is really weird and funny.

Besides being utterly ridiculous, The Hillary Nutcracker is durable and useful and comes in an attractive display box. (Like Hillary herself, nuts are not included.)


  • белая береза

    Во как в Колорадо... Aspen Forest, Colorado А у нас вроде и конец лета, но желтизна еще не появилась, все зелено. Кроме настроения.

  • I love New York!

    Thank you to the G-d sent NYPD traffic cop for giving my car battery a boost a block away from the WTC!

  • (no subject)

    Отцу моих детей повезло, его тоже пригласили в один приличный дом на фото сьемку, как и детей. Вот первая.

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